One stop for the whole family. School and sports physicals, annual and emloyment physicals, immunizations, women's health, sick visits and management of chronic medical conditions.
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About Us | Our History

about-healthcare-plusPlainview Family Medicine is a premier family medical center that offers a complete range of family and primary care services. Our board-certified doctor, Tehmina Naveed, and our dedicated team have built a trusted reputation throughout the industry due to our quality health care, customized treatment plans, and dedicated service. We can treat and test for a number of conditions and we offer a range of services to ensure that we can create the right treatment plan for you. We will treat you like family!

We know your life is full of ups, downs, twists and turns. That's why our comprehensive healthcare covers unexpected illnesses, disease management and to keep every member of your family feeling their best. We are committed to offering the best care possible for patients of all ages, ranging from 5 years to seniors. Whether you simply need a checkup or are looking for treatment.

Plainview Family Medicine+

1We are focused on Preventive Medicine
Many disease can be prevented through routine checkups and preventive care. THis is why we focus on preventive medicine and health promotions in addition to treating current conditions. We want to ensure that our patients can live healthy, happy lives, We can also provide personlized resommendations on measures you can take to prevent diseases and improve overall health and well-being. 

2We are committed to your comfort
Feeling nervous about your upcoming appointment? rest easy knowing that we are sensitive to all of our patients feelings and do what we can to provide a comfortable, welcoming enviornment for them. Our family physician and helpful medical staff are also friendly and have a gentle demeanor that is sure to put any nervous patient at ease.
3Don't Deal with Pain or Illness Any Longer
You don't have to deal with pain or sickness any longer. If you are dealing with chronic pain or illness, we can provide the effective pain management or treatment you need to live a normal life again. We can determine what the source of your pain or sickness is to provide treatment and lasting relief.

Why Choose Plainview Family Medicine+

We believe high quality medical care cshould be convenient, affordable, and efficient. Authorized and Certified by the US Departmentof Homeland Security as a Civil Surgeon for Immigration Medical Examinations.

As your primary Care Provideo (PCP), we take resposnibility for providing for all your health care needs - acute care, preventive care, disease management, and help you coordinate care between outside facilities and specialists, if required. We can meet your needs with the following medical services:
  • Family Care & Primary Care
  • Preventive Care, and Physical Examinations
  •  Immigration Physicals
  • Department of Transportation  Physicals, 
  • we also do house calls for elderly.
Treatments Include:
  • Acid Reflux Disease & Allegies and Sinus problems
  • Arthritis and Joint Pain
  • Cold and Flu-like sysmtoms
  • Cold, sore throat, fever
  • and many others...
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